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Deaths Of Little Children, The
Realities Of Imagination


1784 born to an American clergyman who came to settle in Southgate, Middlesex

Approx 1801 published his first book of poetry, Juvenilia, at the age of seventeen

Approx 1802 he set up the weekly Examiner, with his brother John. This was the first of a series of journals he edited, which included the Reflector, Indicator, Companion, Tatler and London Journal.

1813 he and his brother were imprisoned for their attacks on the Prince Regent.

1815 released from jail. The two years he spent in jail gained Hunt the reputation of a Liberal martyr, but it also damaged his health

1822 Hunt took his family to Italy, where he planned to start a new journal, The Liberal, in collaboration with Shelley and Byron

Approx 1824 the Liberal was cut short when Shelley was drowned, and Hunt was left in serious financial trouble when Byron departed for Greece

1825 He returned to England

1859 He died




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